Test Taker Help

This document is for Test Taker reference purposes only. Liam Healy & Associates on-line psychometric assessment service is governed exclusively by our privacy statement and our website's terms of use as they relate to Test Takers, and which you should read before using this site.

How do I log in ?

You will need a user ID and a Test Taker password. You will have been sent these by the organisation who nominated you to complete the on line assessment. They will be in the general form :

User ID : org5

Test Taker Password : abcde55

You should also make sure that you complete the questionnaire using Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.

Can I print out a copy of the questionnaire ?

No. Under no circumstances may you do this. It is a breach of copyright and in contravention of the terms and conditions of use of this service.

How many times can I log in ?

You can only log in once using your password. As soon as you log in your password becomes invalid and you cannot use it again. For this reason please ensure that when you do log in you complete the on line questionnaire.

How long does the questionnaire take to complete ?

The questionnaire has 112 questions and takes most people 20-30 minutes to complete. It is un-timed.

How should I approach answering the questionnaire?

Full instructions and some practice items will be provided after you log in, but you should complete the questionnaire honestly, alone and without interuption.

What do I need to complete the On Line Questionnaire?

You will need a PC with internet connection. The site works best in Internet Explorer 5.5 or above, and that is recommended.

My password won't work, what should I do ?

Contact the organisation who nominated you to complete the on line assessment for advice.

What other information will I need to provide ?

You will need to provide your name, and some other information about yourself. This is mandatory. Although this additional information is not passed on to the organisation who nominated you to complete the on line assessment, we do retain it in a non-identifiable form to assist us with research and development. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

What are the conditions of my using this site ?

You can read the full Web Site Terms of Use here. You should read these carefully as it is a condition of using this site that you agree to be bound by them and you will be asked when logging in to verify that you have done so.

If you have any other queries please contact the organisation who nominated you to complete the on line assessment.

Why do I get script errors while using the On Line Assessment Service ?

This can occur if your browser has the script debugging facility enabled. This problem can also be caused by a firewall or virus checker.

Any changes you make to the set-up of the PC on which you complete the questionnaire you do so entirely at your own risk.